A Returning Citizen Takes a Positive Outlook

People returning to society after being incarcerated face a mountain of obstacles. Employment and housing are top on their priority list. Many employers will not hire them after they serve their time. Changes in the city are happening everyday, so many people who returned feel as if they are returning to a foreign country. Our judicial system is designed to “punish” them long after they have served their time and “paid their dues” for their crime. This song is an original poem written by a man who is looking for job after being incarcerated, it details how he feels.


Leon has been incarcerated for over six years, he is making every effort to not go back to jail. He is filling out applications, taking job training and following all job leads. However, he doesn’t have anything to put on an application under “previous jobs”. This and other obstacles are why the statistics for recidivism are so high in urban areas. Leon is channeling his frustration into something positive, he shared this song that he wrote to describe what he is experiencing now. Keep your head up Leon! Change is coming!

A Mother’s Plea

Ms. Bennett’s eldest son is 48 years old. She has not touched him since he was 14 and 1/2 years old. He is incarcerated in Texas. Ms. Bennett’s son was instructed to plead guilty to a charge over thirty years ago by a public defender. He was only supposed to get two to five years. After he began to serve his term he was subjected to vicious abuse by correctional officers for years. His abuse led him to defend himself, which resulted in him being charged with murder. He has obtained a degree in prison and is an accomplished portrait artist and poet. He is currently looking for avenues to publish his poetry.



Ms. Bennett made an impassioned plea for her son. She said she had been waiting for a chance to speak out about her son, and asks for prayers for him. Many parents are dealing with the heartache of having a child incarcerated with no hope of finding help or a voice for them to speak out. Ms. Bennett’s story will be heard. Many families have been shattered by the incarceration of juveniles and the stigma attached to it. The most common thought is that “they weren’t raised right”. This family is an example of how wrong those preconceived notions are.

A Day for The Children of Incarcerated Parents and Those At Risk

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