Occupy Protesters Force Freddie Mac To Cancel Foreclosure

Cross-Posted from DC Independent Media Center and Direct Action News
by Luke Kuhn

On the 27th of February, Ms Bertina Jones showed up at the DC offices of Freddie Mac, backed up by Occupy our Homes, Rev Hagler, and the same Catholic contingent that took the “Golden Bull” to Congress. By the end of ther day, Freddie Mac had abandoned their planned foreclosure of Ms Jone’s home, agreeing to work with her on a loan modification instead. Direct Action gets the goods!

At the scene, building security locked op the doors as protesters gathered, and refused to admit Bertina Jones or Rev Hagler. They directed those who had business with any of the building’s many tenants to a side entrance, only to be rapidly discovered. Occupy then corked up the loading dock entrance with a detachment from the main rally and the entire building was put on lockdown according to one witness!

Facing the possiblity of a protected siege of the building and ALL of its tenanty by Occupy, Freddie Mac had no choice but to agree to admit Ms Bertina Jones and Reverend Hagler and accept their letter. Tbey refused to make any promises about cancelling the planned and probably illegal foreclosure on her home, but are clearly feeling the pressure after being forced to admit Bertina to their office.

Later that same day, Freddie Mac threw in the towel, the foreclosure is off! Sorry racist bankers, at least one Black woman will keep her home in PG County today!

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